"Live gesture is such a great asset to have at your disposal. As the art director at my firm I'm always looking for inspiration to hone my skills… Live Gesture has a wealth of source content all in one place to keep me sharp! Going through school years ago this would've been awesome to help fill my sketch books too."

~ Daron Fender, art director


"Live gesture is perfect. I can practice life drawing right from my laptop virtually anywhere. It is such a relief to not have to rummage through the internet for a decent model to sketch. Live Gesture is a valuable resource that lets me choose from tastefully posed models."

~ Jasmine Ayala, graphic designer


"It's awesome! If I just need a model for some practice sketches or poses to fill up my sketch book and pad, I can just hit up Live Gesture and get what I need. It's a great resource and I'm so glad to have it! "

~ Ryan Clark, freelance graphic designer